Bill Gates admits he isn’t fake Steve Jobs

I wont spoil it for you - this is truly compelling viewing. These guys are both amazing. Nobody won, nobody lost. You just get to see two geniuses at work.

I'm still trying to hunt down the full video set as this is Part 1 of 7 and here is part 2. If you see the rest of 'em, please shout!

[update 1] thanks to Jas and Marijn - all 7 parts are now on D's site 

[update 2] short on time? check out the highlight reel

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Comments (2)

  1. Jas Dhaliwal says:

    All seven parts are now posted on the D website..

    Now, just waiting for my coffee a nd I’mn ready to watch some history!  I need to find a way to save the videos!

  2. Marijn says:

    Well, all 7 videos are now available on D5..

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