Who is the Silver Surfer?


Oh man, this is going to be confusing when the new Fantastic Four film launches in the UK. Most people on the island think silver surfers are the older generation of Internet users as the media has massively over used the term.

I can see the scene now. Hundreds of elderly netizens gathering at their local Odeon awaiting the release of a major film to laud their ilk. Instead they will be surprised to see a gentleman clad in a silver suit surfing across the air.

This is the first film I have seen though that has a Wiki page that basically allows the viewer to control the site. Quite risky though I just tried to make an edit myself and noticed they have publishing control in place so they're not that risky 🙂 Anyway, go check it out. Will it catch on? I'm not sure...Katy has some views too.


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