Mix07 keynote – the pendulum is swinging again


The Mix07 keynote just finished up and it was all about Silverlight. You can watch the keynote online now. I have to digest it all before I can tell you what it all means but we saw some outstanding demos from folks like Netflix, MLB.com and Scott Guthrie. I saw more Mac based demos than I can remember. Almost every demo included "here's how it looks on a Mac".

Ozzie was excellent and Scott Guthrie, though a little technical for me was exceptional. The session finished with a Q&A with Michael Arrington of Techcrunch chatting to Scott and Ray and though it was a little awkward (Mike's mic was poor) there were some great soundbites from Ray.

Arrington finished up with "You've been CSO for almost a year now, how have you done? to which Ray replied

"Bill has a little bit of experience (wry smile) and I do things differently. I think we've done okay so far 🙂

The Q&A could have been better but it was a great insight in to Ozzie. He's very subtle and some things he alluded to today sound terrific. He clearly likes to keep his powder dry though and only announce stuff when it's really done. For example, it was GREAT today that the apps that were demo'ed were made available for download from the web immediately afterwards.

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