Outlook 2007 update released


Did anyone else notice this 8.25mb update for Outlook 2007 on Friday? (Friday 13th eek)
I read about it via ComputerWorld who have quote Jessica Arnold, Outlook PM, saying

this update should accelerate the download of messages from the Exchange e-mail server and reduce temporary freezes resulting from deleting messages or copying them from one folder to another


It's already downloaded to my machine and installing as we webspeak. Jessica added:

The update should also let Outlook 2007 users switch between messages faster and enable faster program startup, she said.

"I can’t say that this will 100 percent solve the latency issues, but users should see a big improvement,"

Outlook can be sluggish at times in my experience though I do use large PST files that I spent some time yesterday tidying up for my return from holiday. Hopefully this will further improve my Outlook experience. As Jessica correctly pointed out, sometimes were guilty of using Outlook as the dumping ground for our life's worth of email. Pruning helps so consider that too I'd say.


Full details on the update are in the Knowledge Base

Download now!


Link to Microsoft addresses speed issues in Outlook update

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  1. James says:

    You’ll love this patch, I know I did. My Outlook startup times went from 15s to 4s and switching between all my folders is darn near what you’d call instantaneous.

    I made a post about it and then sent my friends that use Outlook 2007 an e-mail to check it and download it. I got e-mails later that day from all of them thanking me profusely for directing them to the patch.

    It’s a winner of a fix.

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