Time to stop blogging


Security vendor Clearswift says "employees pose security risks by discussing work issues on social media Web sites" - reported in Business Week this week. They have advised companies to review or implement security policies and procedures around web 2.0 applications after a survey found that

  • 42 per cent of company employees aged 18 to 29 had discussed work-related issues on social media websites

Shocking. Lets all stop blogging immediately. Err, no.

When I talk on the tube or down at my pub I pose a security risk as I don't know if it's a journalist sat next to me or a competitor. Granted the web poses a wider risk as more people are out there than at my local pub (though my local gets pretty busy with team Foxton's on a Friday) but I think people are likely to exercise more constraint with their keyboard than they are in the pub. Loose lips sinks ships and all that.

The advice provided is companies should have policies and I agree with that but it's hardly revolutionary. My policy would say "be smart" and engage your brain before talking company business anywhere - be that in the pub or on the web. I would also have a policy that says "do talk about your work" as word of mouth marketing is the most powerful but seems to be a dying breed.

Alex at Melcrum has a more balanced view of the report that is well worth a read.


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