Xbox 360 Elite on Channel 10

Thanks to Paul Foster for the heads up that 10 has an exclusive on the new XBOX Elite. It's been rumoured for some time but now the details are laid bare - HDMI and a 120gb hard disk being the main attractions. Oh and it's black!

I have to confess that my XBOX 360 has sat dormant for quite some time but I'm planning to get the HD-DVD drive for it as it's a steal at £120 or so. I've been too busy upgrading my Windows Media Centre to Vista and too busy writing this blog to do an XBOX'ing. Added to which I always get beat at PGR3 on Live so I threw my toys out of the pram - not literally though as my place is on the first floor and I hear XBOX'es don't bounce!

Meantime, I enjoyed the PS3 Grill site that I was sent yesterday. George Foreman eat your heart out 🙂

Link to EXCLUSIVE VIDEO! First look at the Xbox 360 Elite | Tina Wood | Channel 10


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Comments (2)

  1. evorgleb says:

    We’ve been talking about the new Xbox 360 over at <a href="">Highbrid Nation</a>. Not sure I’m won over by the new features but the black color is very sexy. 😉

  2. stevecla01 says:

    not convinced on the black myself but I do like that Halo 3 XBOX on ebay that I blogged about!

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