A black day in the blogosphere

The top search on Technorati.com is Kathy Sierra today. Under normal circumstances, any blogger would love that publicity, but not today. Katie's post today is the first of several I have read about the unbelievable situation Kathy finds herself in - her life being threatened by some mindless idiots.

This woman writes one of the best blogs in the world but is now confined to her home and scared for her life. I'm speechless. I just got off the phone with Hugh and though I didn't discuss it with him, his post mirrors pretty much everyone's sentiments. Scoble's taking the week off he's so disgusted - the same sites are attacking his wife, the lovely Maryam.

Though I doubt you will want to read more, it's the only topic in the blogosphere today and Techmeme is awash with it. Seriously, some of the comments are out of control so I'd encourage you to use your judgement before following some of the links.

Off outside for some fresh air.

Link to Katie's Blog: Blog bullies...or should i say cowards


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