Microsoft unveils Partnering for the Future initiative


More PFTF coverage - this time from CRN - who I think captured the essence of this project very well. Hats off to Mr Flinders I presume. Backed up by Karl's quote:

Karl Noakes, director of channel development at Microsoft, told CRN: “We’ve realised that over the next three years developments in the Internet will change the way we do business. We therefore need to evolve our approach to partnering.”

Yep, that pretty much captures it. The landscape of partners is changing in lots of ways. I met up with Geek Squad UK today and I think these guys could take the market for consumers by storm. They'll certainly provide some strong competition for PC World and Dixons. More GeekSquad soon but if you live in London and drive out on the A40, check our their new office next to the Carphone Warehouse HQ.


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