Another Minority Report UI demo

I found this via the Business Two Zero blog. Very Minority Report esque. I love the way stuff you find on the web like this leads you down another blog rathole though....ultimately a good one in this case as there is a lot of great content on BTZ.

thanks for the tip Karl!

Comments (5)

  1. Skurge says:

    I undrstand that the new demo showcase will need one of these…  Very cool way to demo technology.

  2. David Terrar says:

    Thanks for the kind words Steve.  Cheers!

    Now if someone could tell me what the music is on Jeff’s demo I’d be really happy…..

  3. chameleonheadsets says:

    This is amazing stuff. simply amazing..

    Bill Burke

  4. stevecla01 says:

    yeah, I’d love to know that music too. very cool!

  5. I blogged quite a while back about the Minority Report style technology that Microsoft has in the R&D

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