Turning Dreams In To Reality


Gordon Brown talks about a "unique global company" and sets the scene for BillG to talk about a his philanthropic work and technology. 90 minutes long though Gordon and Bill use approximately 50 of those minutes to talk and then switch to Q&A following that is the real juice so stick with it.

Bill quotes Andrew Carnegie who said "to die rich is to die in disgrace" and then goes on to talk about how technology can have a positive impact on the world, life, education and more. He was on great form and I only wish more people saw Bill talk like this. Take away his PowerPoint and you get the real Bill. Ask him questions you and get the real Bill. Part of the reason I think I work here is simply to be in the distant presence of greatness. Some people will think that's sycophantic but it's not. The guy is incredibly smart, articulate and humble and it's a pleasure to work for the company he created from his dream. A friend of mine at uni used to have a business card that said "turning dreams in to reality". It captures the essence of Microsoft for me but then so does the Blue Monster πŸ™‚

Anyway, there really is some fascinating stuff in here and I loved the question from the guy of the Youth Forum. Good on ya! Check it out on Holyrood TV. Brown cracks a few good gags and talks a lot about the role of technology in lifelong learning - I was quite shocked when he talked about blogs!

Fine work by my colleague Mr O'Hare and others to help bring this thing together!

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  1. imsickofmaps says:

    It only takes Gordon Brown 20 seconds to make his first mistake by calling BillG the CEO… If I’m not mistaken that’s Ballmer and he’s the Chairman?

    Don’t they have people checking the speech like they do on the West Wing!


  2. stevecla01 says:

    hadn’t spotted that Mike! I noticed some changes in Bill’s presentation style to be less techie which was intersting though you could see he had to work on it at times. Have to say I was really impressed with GB and thought his style was much more engaging and authentic that Mr Blair. I just spoke with one of our EMEA VP’s who was actually there and said it was even more amazing being in the room.

  3. imsickofmaps says:

    I skipped the speeches in the end and went right to the questions at the 50 minute mark. Both of them are much more appealing when talking without notes. That’s the difference between a good communicator and a superb one though is the ability to speak from notes as if its from the heart… Like the Dark Lord Jobs.

    I’ve been thinking about this recently because I’ve got to present some training soon and usually I follow a pattern of "one point per slide" and riff on it till I’m done because that’s how I’m most comfortable. However, this is product training so I’m not really sure its appropriate. But neither is the 2 million bullet points that most trainers deliver (including your own esteemed organisation).


  4. Chunk72 says:

    I saw GB do a Q&A a couple of weeks ago, he was "on stage" for an hour or so and seemed a lot more real than Tony Blair. He answered all the questions that were put to him and didn’t pull the ‘politicians answer a question with a question’ stunt at all.

    As an aside, Steve, do you know if the London Vista launch was Webcast? I’m interested to see how BillG did after the NY launch.

  5. Craig says:

    The UK Vista Launch was webcast.  You can see the transcript and watch the stream at http://www.microsoft.com/Presspass/exec/billg/speeches/2007/01-30UKLaunch.mspx

  6. Craig McGill says:

    Loved the bit at the end from BG: "software is hard to uninvent… as long as we get to add the features."

    Bravo Mr Gates for the most subtle dig I’ve seen in a long time – and one of the best moments of the event.

    (I was at the whole thing and there was certainly some food for though on the whole thing. Quite interesting to note that what many people believe to be e-government is actually e-administration, but that’s a discussion for another time.)

    Oh and imsickofmaps? The MS lady closing the event made a similar gaffe with the Presiding Officer of the Parliament, calling him another title completely, but these little things can be forgiven in the heat of the moment I’m sure. We all make little fluffs at time when speaking in public.

  7. stevecla01 says:

    I didn’t catch that bit Craig so will go back and check. Nice line πŸ™‚

    I was chatting with a lot of the staff from Microsoft Edinburgh last night at the Burns dinner and the general concensus was the whole thing went down very well and despite a hectic weeks travel, BillG was on top form.

    love to hear more on e-government vs e-adminstration



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