Fear and not so Loathing at CES

I just read this story on Rick Segal's site and didn't know quite how to react. My initial thought was sadness and:


"this goes against everything we've been trying to so and say with the Blue Monster. we do great stuff, we're good, smart and warm people...and this behaviour, especially when published in to the blogosphere can damage all that hard work"


Then i read Joshua's view and changed slightly as he made some good points about it being a rookie mistake. Perhaps. If it did happen (and I don't know) it's was just rude and continues to propel the "big bad Microsoft myth"...which annoys me a lot.


Rick's right though

"What I am saying is that Microsoft's big challenge and yours as well, is to make sure your prevent one (or ten) arrogant people from destroying the hard work of 1000s of others."


Joshua's right too - we need to learn from this stuff and move on. Humility is something you can never have too much of.

Link to The Post Money Value: Fear and not so Loathing at CES

Comments (2)

  1. Rick Segal says:


    I too reacted with sadness and probably should have grabbed the guy and said something, my bad.  I loved my time at MSFT and it drives me insane when the company takes hits which overshadow great work and great people. This stuff sends me over the top because people should simply know better regardless of who they work for.

    MSFT, to me anyway, is a great company.


  2. stevecla01 says:

    Rick – appreciate the comments and totally agree with you. Lets hope we can erase this behaviour together as it’s just depressing to hear!

    glad to hear you still think we’re a great company 🙂



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