My gadgets have Apple clothes envy!

I just commented on Maggie Fox’s post about regarding What’s your technology wearing? and realised my technology has Apple clothes envy!! My Sony TZ lives in a Tucano notebook second skin when it’s out on the town which is actually designed for a MacBook. My new Zune 8gb keeps cozy inside an Apple iPod sock…


A busy day for Zune

ComputerWorld reports that   Microsoft’s Zune Web site increased its traffic by 299 percent on Christmas Day compared with the same day a year ago, according to market researcher Hitwise   Still a long way behind Apple and iTunes but every little helps 🙂


What is a blog?

This has been around for a while but I mentioned it to a few friends so decided to post it for them here – a very cool, simple and effective explanation of blogs and why they matter. Hat Tip to the guys at CommonCraft who have a lot more of these cool vids.


Windows Live Photogallery – panoramic video

Hats off to Long who’s found a whole load of Vista/Office/Live videos on YouTube. This one shows a feature I have talked about a lot on my blog and Angus regularly shows it in action on his. I guess the videos aren’t as cool as the Apple/PC videos from Apple but at least we talk…


Social Networking add-ons for Outlook and IE

    Following Sarah’s find of OutTwit earlier this year this last couple of weeks has seen 3 new add-ins for Microsoft apps to make them more socially network aware – specifically for Facebook. It shows a growing trend to integrate Social Networks (SN’s) with commonly used applications and I expect to see more of it…


Does Allard have the midas touch for Windows?

Interesting post by Joe Wilcox about Zune and reaction from kids who got it for Christmas. Of more interest to me was this line:   Zune marketing is excellent, and there are strong ties to XBOX 360   I agree. Zune marketing and XBOX marketing are some of the best we have. The recent XBOX…


Liverpool Goes 3D

Just in time for the Capital Of Culture 2008 to kick off, Microsoft’s Virtual Earth team have released 3D imagery of my home town. I spent yesterday wowing the family by flying over features like the Royal Liver Buildings and St George’s Hall. I even showed my Mum her favourite spot in Sefton Park -…


Getting Past The Tough Questions

In my last post on presenting, I meant to mention the Question Conundrum and added as an update but then deicded it was worthy of a post of its own.   Q: What is the Question Conundrum? A: Most people hate the thought of presenting as they’ll be asked a question they don’t know the…


Great ads #3

  I’ll admit it took me ~15s to get this one. Very clever. Hat tip to Frederik Samuel

2’s BIG window of opportunity

If I could, right now I’d be building a version of the OLD Google Reader and offering it to the OLD fans of Reader. People are going ape**** over the decision by Google to make a social network out of Reader (with no opt out feature). I love Reader and almost signed up to GoogleTalk…