Microsoft Syncs with Ford

Just read this over on FeedTheBull and I hope it's true as it will help shift us (the collective society, not Microsoft) to where we ought to be with in car computing. Not that I'm saying everyone needs this but when you spend a few hours of your day on the M4 often stationary, there could be some benefits. Whilst Exchange's Outlook Voice Access doesn't require any specific integration as it works right now, it would be great to be able to have things like my Zune device integrated. Lots of potential here and even more when Ford and others start connecting this up to their dealer networks and roadside services for much better service experiences. I know many people will think this is just too much technology and a potential safety risk but I'm on the other side of things - I think this has massive potential for integration with web services like mapping, traffic, car repair, tyre companies etc etc. I can see it now...tyres need changing (like mine did recently), car connects to Kelkoo or something like that, finds the cheapest tyres and someone who has them in stock and then maps this on to your in car LCD using Virtual Earth. Lots of potential business models there too. Hmmm

Link to FeedTheBull - Microsoft Partners with Ford

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  1. Gary Short says:

    We should go the whole hog and have the car controlled by computer. How much shorter would your M4 commute be if there were three lanes full of cars travelling 18 inches apart at 120 mph? It takes computers to do that. It’s the only sensible solution to traffic congestion.

  2. stevecla01 says:

    yeah but that would take all the fun away Gary and also clean up my language far too quickly 😉

  3. FeedTheBull says:


    Thanks for the shoutout on your site. From the article, there are many great functions that the Sync application will have in the car. Like your example of finding the cheapest tires, Microsoft says it will be able to direct drivers to the cheapest gas station in their neighborhood (using 3-D maps) and alert them to real-time traffic problems en route. So I don’t think your example is far off, if not already possible.

  4. Nick says:

    I think the predictions are really close.  I have a GPS in my car that already routes around traffic, no reason it couldn’t be intergrated.  THe cheapest gas is just a database updated daily with the prices of gas.  Not too hard, to intergrate that either.  You can find it online as it is now.

  5. FeedTheBull says:

    So what will be something that will get people really talking about Microsoft and this product? What are the different functionalities that might be a little harder to integrate, but will make life that much easier? Any thoughts?

  6. stevecla01 says:

    I don’t have any inside details on this project but was thinking about it more today and then saw which was very similar to what i was thinking about. I was wondering how the Zune/XBOX Live type mentality could work here and after having just returned from a holiay in NYC and using Live Search Mobile a LOT I thought about this: when I’m in a place I’m not that familiar with, what I want is to find a great cafe or bar or place to go but I don’t want the tourist style recommdations from CitySearch or books, I want insight from my friends or people I trust. The two best places i found this time aroudn in NYC were recommendations from a friend. Imagine though if I could have that kind of service intergrated in the car where I can say "hey I’m in LA, where do my friends think would be places I’d like and show me the location oh and maybe show me which hotels I am a member of that have special room rates near these places". it would need some kind of "my friends like" type database in the sky but that is already there in many way with Zune and XBOX.

  7. FeedTheBull says:

    Now that is a great idea. How does Zune and Xbox have these types of features already? Can you elaborate.

  8. FeedTheBull says:


    This was just found on my site. Ford & Microsoft announced their plans to offer Sync in Ford. ‘Sync’ will allow drivers to make hands-free phone calls, listen to music via iPods and other digital media players such as Microsoft’s Zune, and have cell phone text messages read aloud, all through the use of Microsoft-installed voice activation software.

    You can read the write up on my site.

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