Scoble & Hugh

hugh and robert

What happens when you get two prolific bloggers in the same room and add wine? They kiss and hug? Looks like it...

I almost didn't recognize Hugh last night fully suited and booted. I guess The English Cut is having an impact on him 🙂

Robert arrived with his wife Maryam freshish from a busy day in London and much to my surprise we had a talk from Maryam rather than Robert. She was fantastic and talked with passion and without prompts about her family journey in the blogosphere and the impact it had on people's lives. I'm hoping Ian captured the video of it and publishes. Summary is that Robert now takes out the trash, Maryam now blogs and it's changed their lives. Oh and they brought some brown girls only PodTech t-shirts. Zune brown almost!

I had a good chat with Hugh about our ongoing conversation that I'll blog more about soon. I also spoke for a while with Robert about life at Microsoft and how it's different being a Microsoft blogger from the UK rather than at "the borg centre" in Redmond. Sometimes it helps to share stuff from closer to our customers but it seems people really enjoy getting to know the product group people. I think we have more to share from the field to be honest and Robert encouraged me to tell more stories from the front lines which I guess is good advice. Expect to see more more of that.

I really enjoyed the chat with Maryam too - she's just so enthusiastic and collected a tonne of business cards and just seemed to enjoying chatting with everyone in the room. She brought a lot of energy to the place!

Final word goes to Sarah for organizing. She even looked a little shocked when presented with a belated birthday cake 🙂

[update] Ian has posted video of Maryam's talk last night

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Comments (4)

  1. Sheamus says:

    LOVED this post Steve!!!

    The photo is AWESOME and your (very well-written) synopsis of the evening’s event were entertaining and informative, and the links super!

    You know Sarah… Wonderful! She is a world-class AWESOME person!!!!!

    REALLY looking forward to reading those future posts which you and Robert discussed!!!!

    Best regards coming your way for a totally AWESOME day!

  2. Slava says:

    "brown girls only" t-shirts?!?

  3. Hugh and Scoble head down to Facebook. It’s the first Scoble video I’ve watched in a while…nice and

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