GapingVoid talks to Microsoft: Pt1

Video: Hugh MacLeod on blogs

My conversation with Hugh continues apace - I spoke with Jason Korman and Hugh this morning about potential Microsoft social mashups and how Stormhoek and Microsoft are trying to do similar things from different ends of the corporate spectrum. One has 40 employees, the other has >70,000 but we're both looking for how to make a human connection with our audience (at last I am within Microsoft...).

Anyway, in this 7 odd minute video Hugh and I chat about the birth of GapingVoid, why he just bought a Mac, Scoble and more. Part 2 will follow soon when we talk about wine and tailoring. Part 3 had yet to be filmed but I'm hoping involves some wine 😉

What does this all have to do with sofwtare?'s all about the conversation and finding stories!


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Comments (3)

  1. Sheamus says:

    Interesting podcast, wish it was a few minutes longer.

    Hugh recently purchased a Mac so he gets it at some level. However, his podcast explanation of what Macs are about is off-the-mark.

    Relative to Macs and Microsoft… I think the Microsoft Mac BU does a very good job in adapting Microsoft Office to the "ethos" of Mac users. For example, the functionality is excellent and "look and feel" regarding UI and colours is super. I love Entourage and the inclusion of "Project Center" in Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac is wonderfully useful.

    I’m really looking forward to purchasing the new Microsoft Office version for Mac as soon as it is released (sometime in 2007).

  2. stevecla01 says:

    Hi Sheamus

    glad you enjoyed it – we have part 2 coming very soon!


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