Scoble & Hugh

What happens when you get two prolific bloggers in the same room and add wine? They kiss and hug? Looks like it… I almost didn’t recognize Hugh last night fully suited and booted. I guess The English Cut is having an impact on him 🙂 Robert arrived with his wife Maryam freshish from a busy day…


Zune sharing

I went to the London Girl Geek Dinner last night and was pleased to find another Zune in the room with Barry at the wheel. We managed to do the social (I’m not using that squirting word) and share some tunes much to the excitement of…well, me and Barry really. I sent him Mogwai’s Zidane…


Zune Should Go Beyond ‘Squirting’

There is something wrong about the squirting thing but hey, lets no go there. Meantime, Steven Levy writes a great piece about the wifi capability of Zune and notes that “Zune is a decent, if not compelling, alternative to the hard-disk-drive iPod”. Pretty good from the guy who has written a book on the birth…


Vista digital photo frame in the UK

  I blogged about this little beauty a while back and was almost ready to order one from Amazon in the US until I found out that an old friend in the UK is behind this project and they’re based in Hastings! Not only that but the 7″ versions are now available in Currys and…


Seattle goes white

Lots of working from home this week me thinks…if Jeff’s photos are anything to go by!   Technorati tags: seattle


Laptop security – it’s not that difficult

I was chatting with Bill Goodwin from Computer Weekly today and he mentioned that Reed are starting to join the blogosphere and hence I found David Lacey’s excellent blog on security. I’m sure Steve Lamb is aware of it as our resident security blogger but I just pinged him the details. The post I have…


Windows Mobile – Work Wherever. Even in a bacon suit

Check out the new Windows Mobile Work Wherever site. Some, ummm, interesting videos including a guy wearing a bacon suit. Yep, a bacon suit. He can still do email though which is handy but I’m not sure I’d want to stand next to him on the tube. Someone is likely to hit him witha frying…


UK roadshow shows Vista sideshow

We have a small surprise for those people registered to attend our Business EVOlution Roadshow next week around the UK – we’ve managed to lay our hands on a Windows Vista machine sporting sideshow. For those who don’t know what this is it’s a small LCD screen on the outer case of a Windows Vista…


Test your document’s readability

Emma just reminded me of this great hidden feature in Word. I attended one of Matthew’s excellent sessions recently in London and this was one of the cool tips I took away.   Link to Partner Perspectives : How to test your document’s readability


Be Thankful for Windows Vista

You’re probably not but I couldn’t help thinking of a favourite Massive Attack song when I read Chris’s list (thanks to a Scoble link). My #1 Vista favourite at the moment is search. When you get used to is you forget how you ever lived without it. No more hunting menus for programs or folder…