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For a moment I thought we were going to get through a week without me getting a new gadget. Fortunately not and here she is - small but perfectly formed, the USBCell AA battery that I blogged about earlier.My Microsoft Laser Mouse will now never be without power and all of the other devices I carry that use AA batteries (errr, none in fact) will rest happily knowing that some juice is only a USB port away. This all assumes my laptop has power of course which is increasingly hard to find between the buggies, strollers and Bugaboo's of Chiswick's Starbucks.

The details:

  • for ~ £12 (free postage) you get two AA batteries
  • Each has a little green "hood" on then that is held on with a small piece of nylon coated elastic
  • The packaging is sadly quite std stuff but the back does have a hint of humour with "no hiking to the shops for new batteries" as the opening gambit
  • made in China (hopefully not by the same factory that makes fire prone laptop batteries)
  • 5 hour charge via USB is quoted on the battery and they also charge via an Ni-MH charger

All in all pretty cool I think. Expect to see them be the next new idea for exhibition goodie bags and corporate freebies I reckon.

Buy direct from Moxia


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  1. simon says:

    check out the zero to clicks effect of blogosphere at work on two main tech announcements of the last fortnight

    vs traditional media:

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