A memorable website #1

Don’t ask how I came across this but I found a very cool way to engage csutomers and staff over at StLuke’s Communications. They ask staff and visitors a new question each day and then represent the answer in a graphical distribution on their home page. Pretty cool I thought. Today’s question – Are you excited about the World Cup?

53% yes and 47% no. Ask in two weeks and I’ll bet it’s higher πŸ™‚ Meantime, here is their site from today before it disppears. They also have a downloadable screensaver that shows each day’s results but the PC version link is broken so I’ve emailed them. I’ll light up the link if it becomes available.

Why did I post this? Well I stubmled across their site and stayed for more than 10 minutes despite not wanting to use or need their services. One day if I do though, I suspect I will remember them πŸ™‚ And this would make a very cool gadget!

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