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Okay, if someone else in the PTS team hasn’t blogged about this I’ll be astonished 🙂
You can now download for free the Microsoft Soccer Scoreboard to keep up with the World Cup. We all know that’s a spelling mistake of course as it should be the Microsoft Football Scoreboard but hey…

Now, if this was available as a Gadget for Vista that would be even cooler as it’ using up just a bit too much screen real estate at the moment. There are good options to minmise the size though and make it very transparent (very Aero Glass). I’m sure there’ll be a tonne of World Cup Gadgets though now that Beta 2 is out. It would also be nice to be able to change the font but that’s just me…I’m picky about my fonts.

Having said all of that, it’s an essential new addition to your desktop and when I find I good RSS feed to add in to the Options I’ll post it here.  

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  1. This is great – would be awesome to see the source code and how it was built.


    Gregor Suttie

  2. F. Salle says:

    how can it works correctly if you have a proxy asking login and password ?


  3. F. Salle says:

    I don’t see any information.

    The rss feed is not coming.

    It is as if the application could not connect the internet.

    For Internet Pages, the proxy ask me to enter login and password but Scoreboard does not. I believe the problem is here.

    Is there a way to solve this ?


  4. stevecla01 says:

    okay..I’m checking with the MSN guys for an answer as my suspicion is this is riding off IE’s connection to the net and perhaps that is causing soem issues when you have an authenticated proxy. I’ll come back here as soon as I know more.

  5. F. SALLE says:

    great, I wait for a good news.

  6. Darian Vavatzanidis says:

    Hi All,

    I have been reading that various few users are experiencing connection issues to the server once you have the gadget running.

    From what I am gathering you are left with blank content in the gadget, is that correct?

    Or can someone please confirm the exact symtoms that you are experiencing, or if there are more than 1 please list them all.

    And if you do know can you please tell me what proxy servers you are connecting through?

    Once I have this data i will begin troubleshooting to see if we can resolve this asap!



  7. F. Salle says:

    It is exactly that.

    The page is blank and the line on the bottom only shows the MSN information instead of Rss feed.

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  9. darianv says:

    Hi All,

    We are still doing some tests and trying to repro the issues that have been reported.

    But on the bright side I have repro’d it on my home machine. To repro it I installed the gadget by running the installation without saving the file to disk first.

    I then downloaded the file to disk, uninstalled the gadet and reinstalled it from disk and voila!

    But in theory the gadget should be using the IE settings, and should connect in the same way as a IE browser.

    So if you have the patience and want to see how cool the gadget looks with content in it (I should have been in sales! 🙂 ) perhaps you can try and do the same and save the file to disk if you haven’t already.

    And if there are more of you out there that can provide me with the proxy servers that are being used on your networks that would be appreciated.



  10. F. Salle says:

    I have done exactly as you wrote.

    When I install, it asks for login and password for the proxy and then install everything.

    But when I run the program, nothing appears.

    Wery strange.

    For your information, i have installed it on my private pc and it works fine.

    How can I give you information on the proxy ?

  11. darianv says:

    best is that you get that info from your network administrator.



  12. F. Salle says:

    The only information that i have is that it should be "bluecoat".

    That is mean something for you?

  13. F. Salle says:

    The information i have is that the proxy is bluecoat.

    Does it mean something for you?

  14. F. Sallé says:

    Any news ?

  15. darianv says:

    hopefully i will have some news for you later this evening or first thing in the morning!

    sorry for the delay.

  16. F. Sallé says:

    I wait for any information. I thank you for your comments

  17. darianv says:

    I hope that you can try the following and it will be successful.

    Uninstall the scoreboard.

    Download the scoreboard from the MS site again.

    install the scoreboard again and hopefully within 30secs of  being connected it will display data.

    I know this sounds like a pain, but hopefully this can resolve the connection issue you are experiencing.

    Are you an administrator on the machine you are using or just a normal user?



  18. F. Sallé says:

    I does not seem to be working.

    I am administrator of the machine.

    There is another symptom, when I change an option (for example the team), at the moment I press the ok button, the application closes automatically.

    I need to start it again.


  19. darianv says:

    now with the limited amount of information i have i can only recommend that you get your network administrator to trace why the traffic is being blocked.

    Your network admin should be easily be able to identify why the app cannot connect.



  20. Dan says:

    I am also investigating why I do not get information. It is indeed a problem with the proxy. We use ISA, but ISA is not the problem. The problem is that the gadget tries to connect to the internet directly.

    netstat says:


    I just changed the proxy settings to use a fix proxy and not the proxy script. We currently use a .pac-file as automatic configuration script. Switching to the automatic script wpad.dat generated by ISA seems to help, too.

    If MS could fix this, we could distribute this in the company via SMS which would be great. Germany is in world championship feaver and, of course, will win the cup. 😉

  21. Murali says:

    I’ve got the same problems here, nothing gets downloaded onto the scoreboard whether you run it startight off or install it off the hard disk. Very, very, very dissappointed. I do agree its a good program but whats the use if it cannot be used with a proxy server ????

  22. leigh says:

    I am experiencing the same problems in that the rss feed works but the scoreboard is blank. I see a connection to one of the msn sites if I use netstat -ao "TCP    invwgta:2591   ESTABLISHED     8796"

    My PC is connected to an adsl router that provides it with an IP address and therefore the router is the gateway, I don’t use any proxy settings as such, in IE7 Beta 2 the connection tab is disabled.

    However, on my laptop at work (with proxy settings) it works fine.

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