Are bloggers authoritative sources?

Great debate over at BrandToBeDetermined on whether blogs are considered official sources of company info or not. Scoble gives his takes on it and I have a similar but different view that goes “if you think you shouldn’t be writing about it…it’s worth checking” 🙂 I think that’s kind of what he’s saying with his follow up “be smart” response though.

Having worked quite a bit with our mobility PR process over the years I built a good degree of respect for the work they do in fostering relationships with the press etc. I think it’s good to have the bloggers side of the story of course  but we do have a corporate responsibility to be mindful of what we discuss. It’s also way too easy to get misquoted and cause a storm as one of our execs recently did. I wish more of our execs blogged though like Ozzie – it makes them kind of off the record on the record.

It just made me think though following a conversation with one of our media guys yesterday, which blogs are pseudo real blogs? The media guy mentioned that many ad agencies are stripping back over production of ads and the like to make them look more rough, edgy, viral or whatever. No doubt this is happening in the blogosphere too as the suits try to maximise it. Where’s is happening? I’m off to look..


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