Almost razor sharp

I went to a great rugby game a Twickenham recently (apart from the score as Ireland won!) and whilst standing outside the ground I was accosted by two lovely ladies from Gillette – the razor people. They (Gillette) live pretty close to the home of English rugby so no surprise to see them there promoting stuff I suppose. They asked if I would like my photo taken with two colleagues and being a camera shy sort of chap I said “yeah of course”. One lady whipped out a Canon EOS 350 and took a snap whilst the other took down my details on an HP 4700 – nice kit! What was a little disappointing though was they then said “we’ll send you the photo in a week or so”. Doh…I was hoping they would zap the photo to the device (no wifi in the EOS though) or even take the memory card and put in the iPAQ, connect to a bluetooth phone and send it to them there and then. I had my Smartphone with me so was eagerly anticipating it there and then but also no, connectivity failed them and I got the photo a week later by email (and at amazingly low resolution). 

Hats off to them for innovation in securing my contact details but they missed the opportunity for instant customer gratification by not going all the way with the technology. Close but no cigar. I have a similar story about AMEX credit cards in Edinburgh airport to follow soon…but maybe I’m just looking for too much from these technology toting companies? They’re doing a great job of streamlining processes with technology and enabling their people but with just a little more it could really be a great customer experience.

Seen similar situations where you think…”if only they did….” ?


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