When did the web become ubiquitous?

I had a day of wandering around London today and started trying to notice companies who don’t have a web address – it’s pretty hard to do! I first used the web at university where I wrote a dissertation on how the web would impact education. Things have come a long way – I even tracked down my new favourite coffee shop by simply searching for it on my smartphone. This also gave me another opportunity to test Windows Live (mobile) search - first result got me what I needed.


Comments (2)

  1. szurgot says:

    Way back in 1996, I saw a trailer for a Disney animation film. The trailer ended with the words "Disney.com" That’s when I knew the web was ubiquitous (or would be)

  2. stevecla01 says:

    that’s pretty good goin – remember this though – http://www.microsoft.com/misc/features/features_flshbk_hp1.htm ?? the Microsoft "starmap" homepage. I remember spending way too long trying to make transparent images when I started doing HTML as all pages were grey back then!!

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