Happy New Year!

Though I’m 5 hours behind GMT the text messages are flying around from home where the fireworks are just dying out. Still another 4 hours to go here in NYC but the place is already Zoo York and I expect the mobile networks will take a bashing pretty shortly. So wherever you are, I hope…


Microsoft Syncs with Ford

Just read this over on FeedTheBull and I hope it’s true as it will help shift us (the collective society, not Microsoft) to where we ought to be with in car computing. Not that I’m saying everyone needs this but when you spend a few hours of your day on the M4 often stationary, there…


24/365 stores

Where else, the Apple store on 5th avenue. I’m not sure how many people need an iSteve fix at 3am in the morning and don’t plan to find out but I’m prepared to bet the place is still jammed full of people reading their Hotmail and GMail like they were in Soho yesterday!   Technorati…


ISA Server Firewall Client for Vista

If you’re using or testing Vista with ISA, you may find this updates firewall client useful given it supports Vista. A 618k download Link to Download details: ISA Server Firewall Client


Deploying Exchange on 64 bit at at Microsoft

As always Eileen finds cool stuff on Exchange and other MS products. Here she links to a series of articles on our internal deployment of Exchange 2007 and I found the one on our shift to an entirely 64bit based deployment the most interesting in terms of what it gives us. As you probably know,…


New York New York…I wanna be a part of it

Well I’m off to NYC for a few days to enjoy the Big Apple at New Year. It’s a place I’m pretty familiar with but haven’t been for a few years so I’m pretty excited about going back and visiting so usual haunts and some new ones. I’m keen to see the new Paul Smith shop…


Web 2.0 week interviews

I’ve been catchin up on my favourite feeds using Outlook 2007 over Christmas and read 3 great interviews from Matthew on Web 2.0 – he managed to get time with 2 interesting commentators. Tim O’Reilly (Mr Web 2.0) Nicholas Carr (author of Does IT Matter?) All great interviews and well worth 10 minutes of your time…


Previous convictions

  Didn’t know Banksy had 3 previous. Books that is I’m sure he has more than that in convictions 🙂 I just bought Wall and Piece for my brother and checked Amazon reviews only to find there are 3 more. There go my Amazon vouchers…except Amazon don’t have them in so I have to buy…


100 most useful websites according to The Guardian

I found some useful new site here but also lots of familiar ones. Rather than repeat the list, just jump on over there as they’re nicely categorized. Here’s stuff I found from them and some useful new sites I stumbled across this Boxing Day http://blogdex.net/ (apparently being “re-thought” http://craigslist.org/ (was it just me who missed that this…


New gadgets!

  Thanks to M3 Sweatt for his manicure saving tip with this recommendation for the Open X tool. I’m off to the US soon so planning to pick one up and test drive. Needless to say I should have spotted this via the Shiny Shiny blog   Technorati tags: openx