Well I got my 360 one week after launch and have it all hooked up and ready for PGR3 which is due next week for me. Meantime, I played some Need for Speed which was pretty good but Gotham will easily consume 25% of my Christmas I reckon 🙂

The unit itself managed to pass by unviewed in the Clayton household for a record amount of time - until the wireless controller was spotted on the coffee table and thus ensued an hour of two of why we NEEDED another gadget in the house. Now all I need to do is figure out what I should do with my 2 original XBOX's (one US, one UK). Clearly I will keep one for the Clayton Collection but that will need careful orchestration of my loft to ensure it's not "donated" somewhere.

My favourite part of 360 so far? The wirless controller is outstanding - it's amazing how liberating removing one simple cable can be but it just makes gaming soooooo much nicer not having to worry about that trailing cord.

More reviews next week when PGR hits Chez Clayton

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