Building a Multi-Layered Approach to E-Mail Security

As I have mentioned before, our focus on security has been something of a quiet revolution and it's showing dividends in the products as we look at things like days of vulnerability.

Email is of course a key area of concern from a security point of view as business become so reliant on it. I recently did a weeks cold turkey without my email and it was painful - but liberating 🙂

With this in mind, Mike Nash, our VP for security is hosting a webcast on this topic on Dec 20th covering email security. You can tuen in to learn about anti-virus, anti-spam, and firewall technologies that can help you stop e-mail threats at every layer of your network—gateway, server, and client. Mike and a panel of industry experts will discuss strategies, technologies, deployment procedures, and best practices that will help you strengthen your e-mail infrastructure and minimize your attack surface. Get actionable guidance on the software, services, and processes you can put in place to protect your network.

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