Mobile police

Last week, Keith Gough of the Thames Valley Police force attended an event we had at our UK office and kindly offered to present during a session I delivered on flexible working. As project manager of Access to Services in the force, Keith has worked on a project to mobilise the police officers with Windows Mobile Pocket PC's and provided a great insight in to how this has impacted the ability of the force to deliver better services and delight the officers by freeing them from the station. You can learn more about this with a recently published case study and video

"the Smart Beat system is already delivering significant time savings to the force, with each user making an estimated 60 per cent more vehicle and person checks per week. Each check now takes about 20 seconds, as opposed to the three minutes it took previously. Pilot team members are also spending about one hour more on the beat per shift as a result of being able to access their e-mails and calendars on the move. The efficiency gains are the result of using smart client applications to ensure the solution delivers exactly what constables are looking for"

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