Neil Leslie at TechEd: Extending Productivity into the Cloud

This past Monday morning at TechEd here in New Orleans, Neil Leslie, GM of Developer & Platform Evangelism, kicked off TechEd 2010 with a mini-keynote (also called a foundational session). The session was called “Extending Productivity into the Cloud” and covered the types of things you can do with Office, SharePoint, CRM, and Unified Communications….


SharePoint 2010 & Windows Azure: How they Play Together?

 SharePoint and Azure: How They Play Together? Today, I presented a session on Azure and SharePoint—specifically addressing how to integrate the two technologies. SharePoint is not built on Azure, so this session was about how can you take an application that you’ve deployed to Windows Azure and subsequently tie it back to SharePoint in some…


SharePoint Solution using BCS: Part II

In my initial post on this, I created a read-only application that used a Web service. The original post provided a step-by-step walkthrough of how to use the VS 2010 BDC Metadata model template and integrate it with Web services. In this post, I’ll add a couple of things to complement the original post:…


Sharepoint 2010 development using bcs

One of the big features for SharePoint 2010 (and for building OBAs) is the Business Connectivity Services (BCS). I’ve written a few posts on this, but wanted to follow up on these early posts with some additional detail on how to create a solution leveraging web services. I see many customers trying to tie together…


get trained with Sharepoint 2010 and office 2010 videos

One of the charters of my team is to make sure that we provide collateral for developers to get up and running with a program called Metro—an early adoption program for ISVs (to sign up for Metro or get more information, you can email Part of this program is creating things like training videos,…


Tweeting from SharePoint 2010 Visual Web Part

I’m still trying to get into the whole Tweet thing, so in an attempt to dig into it a little I took a look at the API and found out it’s pretty functional. My version of a Hello World app was having the ability to call the REST Twitter API to update my status on …


VSLive Virtual SharePoint 2010 Conference

I participated in a virtual conference this week that was all about SharePoint 2010. I presented a couple of sessions, one on a Developer Roadmap and the other on the Developer Tools. I posted the decks here: I’m cleaning up some of the code and will post before the Beta 2 becomes available. Cheers,…