Off to BUILD tomorrow…

Wow, it’s been a while since I posted anything, and with deep self-examination I’m now hell-bent on blog reformation. It’s time to mend my incommunicado! Question is, what am I going to write about??

Well, since I’m heading down to BUILD tomorrow, I’m going to give you guys all of the juicy gossip, the news as it hits the keynote, and all of the exciting session details as I hear them. I’m going to take pictures, live-blog from sessions, and generally document the cool stuff that is happening at BUILD.

So, why should you care, you ask? This BUILD’s going to be great. And it’s SOLD OUT!!! I couldn’t believe it; the conference sold out in a matter of a couple of days. While it’s unfortunate some of you won’t be there in person, the awesome thing is you’ll be able to catch many of the sessions online either during or after the conference.


To check out the sessions, be sure to go here. To watch sessions and the event activities live, go here—or just go to the BUILD home page:

For those attending, I hope to see you there. For those watching from home, enjoy the show…it’s going to be great!


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