Beginning SharePoint 2013 Development: To the Printers We Go!

The last time I finished writing a book, I swore up and down never again—yet it appears it’s happened once again! For those of you who are beginning SharePoint 2013 developers (or are looking to refresh your knowledge around SharePoint 2013), we recently completed “Beginning SharePoint 2013 Development.” When I say we, I mean myself, Donovan Follette and Chris Johnson—all SharePoint experts in their own right. Also, we had the pleasure of working with Andrew Connell as our Technical Editor.

The cover page has been designed with a view I know well: looking out over the wing of a plane.


As the title suggests, it’s all about starting development on SharePoint 2013.  As you may have read or heard there is quite a bit of new stuff for developers in 2013 and this book aims to serve as a guide for those looking to grapple with those changes. Topics include the new Cloud-hosted app model, developer tools, Windows Azure, building and packaging apps, publishing in the Office Store, OAuth, OData/REST APIs, Office Apps, event receivers, Business Connectivity Services, Office Services & Workflow, and more.

Well, we hope you enjoy and look out for me to extend the book by writing more Cloud-hosted app blog posts here and at Donovan’s and Chris’s blogs.

Happy Coding!


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