Preparing for 70-573 exam (“Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Application Development”)? Check out what other people are using to prepare.

I was recently asked what are the best ways to prepare for the 70-573 SharePoint Developer exam. I pinged a couple of folks who had gone through the process, and below are the responses I received from them.

From Kirk:

“I used the MeasureUp practice tests…”

C# version:

VB version:

From Mary:

“Here are a list of good resources for you…”

From Matthew:

“I used the SharePoint Developer Training modules…and I even passed!!!”

From Matthew (a different one):

“I took and passed the exam. I reviewed the Exam site: and then reviewed the interfaces that I had less experience with (like Excel Services). Time at the keyboard is a definite plus.”

There’s lot to chew through, but I hope this gives you a sense for what folks are looking at as they prepare for the exam.

Good luck!


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  1. Eric Skaggs says:

    The best advice I can give is to take the time to thoroughly read the questions, know the differences between similar objects (like SPSite and SPWeb), and be wary of the word "site" because it's the most troublesome word in the SharePoint dictionary.

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