Sessions from WPC 2011

So far, this week has been great; lots of connections with partners, colleagues from around the world and of course a couple of sessions in the mix to keep things interesting. I wanted to share the decks/code from the sessions I did earlier this week, which focused on Azure and the System Integrator (using SharePoint as a case-in-point) and an Overview of SharePoint Development.

Azure and the System Integrator

This is one of the hot topics of late, and this session focused on how you integrate Windows Azure with other systems, specifically focusing on SharePoint as that other system. The session was overflowed with many partners looking at expanding their SharePoint practice into Windows Azure and also trying to understand how they can expand their Office 365 practice to include code deployed to Windows Azure.

While we spent some time on the whiteboard, the deck I walked through is below:

We also hosted an event where quite a few partners came out to discuss what they were doing with SharePoint and Azure and talked through some of their concerns and hurdles.

Overview of SharePoint Development

I was super-surprised about the level of interest here, especially given WPC is traditionally a business-oriented conference. However, in another sold-out session I walked through some of the fundamentals of SharePoint development—taking the audience through the fundamentals of SharePoint, to looking at SharePoint Designer and Visual Studio 2010 as primary ways of developing for SharePoint. The deck I showed is here.

I showed a few code snippets, which I’ve put here: WPC_SP_Dev_Code. These are some simple applications that will get you started if you’re a first-time SharePoint developer.

One IT Pro question that came up that I did not give a detailed answer for was Backup and Restore Best Practices. Here’s a couple of resources for those of you who were interested in this topic:

For those that came out, it was great to meet you. Thanks for attending my sessions.


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