SharePoint 2010 Easy Set Up

To get started developing for SharePoint 2010, you have a number of options:

  1. You can download the IW VM and get started that way. You can see an earlier post on this:
  2. You can install everything on the metal.
  3. You can use the easy set-up script.

The easy set-up script is a new script that makes it easy to install and develop SharePoint 2010. It enables you to simply run a script that installs all of the prerequisite software for you.

The set-up script can be downloaded from here:

You can also find some great intro and instructions on Paul and Chris’s blogs here:

- Paul’s blog-post:

- Chris’s blog post:

It’s great to see this as another option to get you up and running faster on your SharePoint 2010 development efforts. For those of you who have toiled with Hyper-V and struggled with installation, this is a great alternative!

Happy coding.


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