Beginning SharePoint 2010 Development Supplement: Using the Lists Web Service to Update a SharePoint List

Book Supplements

I’ve been wanting of time to add some how-to supplements to my Beginning SharePoint 2010 Development book. For those of you starting out, you may have questions about the ‘how’ and sometimes there are errata, bugs or updates from the book. With that in mind, I want to provide additional supplements for your use with this book:

1. A how-to walkthrough for the examples in the book; and

2. Updated code.

Thus, I will go through each of the examples in the book and provide a web cast supplement to it as well as update the code and post to my Skydrive. I’ll also look at the Wrox blogs to see if there are issues that need to be addressed in these how-to supplements.

In this supplement, I cover the example in Chapter Two (the WPF app that updates the Customer list). Below, you’ll find the how-to video and the code with any updates that you can use. Notes: Be sure you that you update the web reference with your own Lists Web service reference, else you’ll get an error if you simply try and build and run with the code as is. To do this, right-click the existing Web service reference in the solution and then right-click Reference and select Add Service Reference, Advanced, Web Reference, and add your service URI (e.g. http://localhost/_vti_bin/Lists.asmx) to add the service to the WPF app.

How-To Video

You can view the video directly from here:


You can get the updated code for Chapter 2 here:

You’ll see more of these come out over the next few weeks, so check back regularly.

Have a great day!


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