Beginning SharePoint 2010 Development: A Couple of Notes

For those of you working through the exercises, here are a few small things that have been sent to me by the community:

Chapter 5

If you get the following error when working through the Excel sample:


  • Make sure that you’re not trying to compile under .NET Framework 4.0—this cannot be used with SharePoint.

  • Also, if you run into issues accessing the .Value2 property in this example, as the below screenshot indicates


  • You can try to recode as per the following code sample, and this should work for you.


Chapter 9

  • The downloaded code reference in the MainPage code is to Employees; it was set up as employee.
  • There is a tempEmployee.empFY10 variable that was written as tempEmployee.empFy10.
  • Similar syntax miswrite with emp.empFY10 and item.empFY10.

Also, I tried to note this throughout the book, but be sure to add additional references. For example, System.Xml.Linq is required for one of the samples in Chapter 9—if you get a compile error this may be the reason why.

Chapter 10

On page 374-375, you’re working with services and you consume a service within a BDC Metadata model template. I left out the instructions on adding the service reference to the BDC project. Just remember right before step # 17 to right-click the project, select Add Service Reference, click Advanced, Add Web Reference, add the ASMX service reference that you created in the earlier part of the exercise. Note that when you name the service, in the code it is named SPSalesWebService (as can be seen in the SPSalesWebService.Service1 myWSProxy = new Service1(); line of code).

Chapter 11

On page 424, it looks like there is a small editing error. The following line of code

for (int I = 1l I < returnData.Length; i++)

should read

for (int i = 1; i < returnData.Length; i++)

I’ve added the code samples here to make sure you have the right project code:

Special thanks to Lee, Dan and Boris for sending these along to me. I’ll continue to review anything you send, and if appropriate will post to this blog!



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