Worldwide Partner Conference (July 11-15)


With TechEd in our recent wake, the next question is what’s next?  One of the biggest partner events is the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, which will be located in Washginton, D.C. from July 11-15. You can get registration and conference information here:

I’ll be doing a couple of sessions at WPC that will cover IW technologies (i.e. Office, SharePoint, CRM, and BPOS—both from an on-premises and cloud perspective). I wanted to provide two talks, one more focused on innovations in the IW technologies and the types of partner opportunities that are available on the platform, and the other focusing on how you can leverage the platform. These talks together should provide both the partner opportunity (how can I monetize the platform) view and the how-to view (how can I build on the platform).

If you’re going to attend WPC, I would encourage you to set your plans in motion. Space in DC is at a premium, and many of the hotels are now sold out.

This should be a great event for partners, and I hope to see you there!


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