Office Business Applications at TechEd

Well, it’s Day Three at TechEd, New Orleans. The pace has been furious and the conversations plenty—all amidst a balmy 85% humidity and great southern hospitality. It’s been great to catch up with many people I haven’t seen in a while and meet some new folks along the way. 

As a part of Day Three, I presented a session on developing solutions for Office and SharePoint 2010—specifically, Office Business Applications. As a part of the session, I covered:

  • How OBA has evolved to include more cloud-centric services, such as Windows Azure and Web 2.0;
  • A number of new APIs that can be leveraged in Office and SharePoint 2010;
  • Four core patterns that showcase how to leverage the SharePoint client object model, Silverlight, Office client extensibility, and Azure to build OBAs.
  • The demos that were shown were:
  • End to end OBA that integrates SAP with Office and SharePoint
  • Walk-through of how to create an application ID in the Secure Store Service and give users the right permissions to access external lists
  • Integration of external list and custom Office document with SQL Azure
  • Using SharePoint Designer to create an external list
  • SharePoint client object model called from .NET and Silverlight code
  • Real estate demo that integrated Azure Dallas, Silverlight and SharePoint/Office

Also, Donovan Follette also joined me to show a new OBA we’re working on that creates an executive briefing package (very slick demo). I’ve added the deck and a couple of code samples (use at own risk) to my Skydrive:

Be sure to check out the Channel 9 Office Developer kit on Channel 9:


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