launch week: announcement # 2

Today, we have released some new developer training materials for the developer community on Channel 9. These training kits and courses are a rev on the Beta materials that we published earlier in the year and represent a culmination of months of effort to get free training, collateral and solution code out to you all. Included in the new training kits are:

- A new Office Developer training kit, which you can find here:; and

- A new SharePoint Developer training kit, which you can find here:

Note that when you click on the above links, you’ll see a green “Download Training Kit” button—click this button to get a full, offline version of the kit that includes decks, HOLs, and source code.


There’s a ton of great stuff in these kits, so make sure you check them out.

Also, check out an earlier announcement (Launch Week- Announcement #1) where I’ve posted the link to an updated VM that you can download and use for free. These training kits work against this VM if you’re looking to leverage a pre-configured/set-up environment.

Happy coding!


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