silverlight & sharepoint at SharePoint summit 2010

I did a session this morning on Silverlight and SharePoint this morning. I walked through the different levels of integration and showed a number of examples and announced the new Silverlight Web Part project (as one of the extensibility templates we shipped to the community). I had network issues in the speaker room, so couldn’t show my Azure, Silverlight and SharePoint demo (see the following blog post for code and screenshot:

However, while the hard-wire network issue was el lamo, it was fortuitous because the session turned into a mini demo-palooza of existing Silverlight and SharePoint efforts. For example, my buddy Wouter  van Vugt jumped in and showed his forthcoming Silverlight, Bing, and SharePoint integration that takes data from Bing and saves it back to SharePoint (he’s in the process of writing up a doc and will be posting the code to his blog). And then Peter Carson from Envision IT jumped in and showed a couple of sites that they have built using SharePoint and Silverlight. It was great to see some validation of these technologies.


The above is a screenshot of the Silverlight and SharePoint integration built by Envision IT. You can check it out live here:

If you’re looking for the slides from the session, you can find them here:

Thanks to Peter and Wouter to jumping in unprompted!

Au Revoir to Montreal as I now travel to Toronto!


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