office, sharePoint 2010 & CRM OBA

Yesterday, I presented a session with Girish Raja at our internal company conference called TechReady. We talked about a number of things including:

  • Using the SP Client Object Model as a way to integrate SP data with Office documents;
  • Integrating SL and SP and CRM as a new type of OBA;
  • Leveraging Office’s extensibility to integrate CRM data with SharePoint using the SP Client Object Model; and
  • Integrating SL, SP, and Azure.

It was a fun-filled session where we covered the above four patterns for developers, and we got a really good response from our internal folks so we thought we would post what we thought would be useful for you to use for your own development efforts.

The posts where you can get more information on this are:

1. Integration of Office & CRM:

2. Integration of SL, SP & CRM:

3. Integration of SL, SP, & Azure:

We will continue to invest some time here, so check back in the future for updated code samples and code.


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