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I’ve spent the last few days in Europe. Last week, I was in Lisbon presenting at a local SharePoint event with our local DPE gang, and this week I’m at the SharePoint Connections - Europe conference here in Amsterdam--amazing turnout at both events!!!

It’s the second day of the conference here in Amsterdam, and I wanted to post my decks for those that attended and the wider web. For those that have attended my sessions, I’ve spent really little time on the slides and most of the time just walking through demos and code. It’s been a blast.

The decks are here:

I will post some follow-up notes, as there have been great questions coming from both the Lisbon event and this week at the Amsterdam event. I’ll also post code samples to the above link as well.

And remember to check out the SharePoint C9 Learning Center and Office C9 Learning Center. Lots of great videos, source code, HOLs, and decks.

Until then, happy trails.


Comments (2)

  1. Nuno Costa says:

    Great presentation here in Lisbon.

    Congratulations! You are a greate speaker.

  2. André Lage says:

    expectations remain high with sharepoint 2010, good presentation in Lisbon…

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