get trained with Sharepoint 2010 and office 2010 videos

One of the charters of my team is to make sure that we provide collateral for developers to get up and running with a program called Metro—an early adoption program for ISVs (to sign up for Metro or get more information, you can email Part of this program is creating things like training videos, Hands-on labs, and source-code; all for the developer to get up to speed quickly and efficiently with SharePoint and Office 2010. (We also cover CRM and UC.)

One of the first publicly-facing things we’ve done is to begin posting our PowerPoint decks and SharePoint and Office 2010 developer videos on Channel 9 in our new Learning Centers as a complement to other collateral that is out there today. There are some great videos here that you can watch for 10-15 minutes at a time. To get them, navigate to the top-level learning center on Channel 9 ( or go straight to the either of the learning centers:

SharePoint 2010:

Office 2010:


There are some great videos here, and the guys (Donovan Follette and Paul Stubbs) have done a fantastic job rallying this content.

There’ll be more to come with full downloadable packages coming next week and hands-on labs and source code coming at the beginning of January.

Happy Coding!


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