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Yesterday, I presented a session on BCS and walked through an end-to-end example. I showed service connection to a data source, created an external content type with both SPD 2010 and VS 2010, showed interactivity with the external list through the new BCS API and the new Client Object Model, and then tied things together by showing an E2E example that integrated SAP with Silverlight and SharePoint leveraging many of the aforementioned features.

I posted the deck here:, and when I return to Seattle I’ll post the code that I used as well.

A ton of great questions, a couple of which I’ll follow up on, and will post some responses to these in the coming days.


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  1. volodymyr.trubachov says:

    Hi Steve, great presentation at PDC.

    We have built a comprehensive LOB-WSS 3.0 synchronization infrastructure, and after your presentation I am wondering if we can switch to BCS in SharePoint 2010.

    If you can outline here whether BCS is going to support the following functionality that would be very appreciated (if you can’t – I will send you an email 🙂

    – Expose LOB data in SharePoint as Document Library (to bring actual documents from a document management system to SharePoint)

    – Define association between two external lists (like “Lookup” fields)

    – Automatically perform association between two external lists (based on foreign keys available in LOB)

    – Hierarchical external content types (like just standard hierarchical content types in WSS 3.0)

    – An ability to define additional custom columns in external lists (data from additional columns are stored in the WSS content database)

    – An ability to create (say, in SPD) and use workflows for items in external lists

    – Ability to programmatically query all items of the given external content type, no matter where and in which external lists these items exist down in the site hierarchy (you can do this for content types in WSS 3.0, and it allows to build really powerful web parts).

    Volodymyr Trubachov

    System Architect

    TranSenda International, LLC

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