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Wow, what a busy time…conference season is right around the corner, and there’s lots of interesting conferences coming up. For example, here is a short-list of conferences that I’ll be hitting over the next few weeks (in chronological order):

1. SharePoint Conference (10/19-10/22) – Las Vegas, Nevada

2. SAP TechEd (10/27-10/29) – Vienna, Austria

3. DevConnections (11/9-11/11) – Las Vegas, Nevada

4. Professional Developer Conference (11/17-11/19) – Los Angeles, USA

In each of these conferences, we’ll be addressing both SharePoint and Office development in a number of areas, and I’ll make sure I send out reports and code for those of you looking to get a head start on 2010 development as we present. (Note: One of the major ones that’s not on this list is TechEd EU, which runs concurrent to DevConnections.)

If you’re wondering which one to attend, some thoughts about the above. The SharePoint Conference (SPC) is where you’ll see a ton of SharePoint and Office sessions—for both the IT Pro and the Developer. (Note that ODC is now a part of SPC.) Lots of good stuff there that will mostly focus on the new 2010 technologies. At SAP TechEd, Juergen Daiberl and I will be discussing how you can integrate both Office and SharePoint 2010 with SAP in many different ways. Very cool stuff. (Look out for a blog post where I’ll discuss Silverlight, SharePoint and SAP integration. It’ll blow your mind…okay, maybe not but it’s pretty cool.) DevConnections is a great, smaller conference where you’ll see both SharePoint 2007 and 2010 content. I like DevConnections because you also get the chance to go cross-track with other tracks (e.g. SQL Connections). And finally, for those of you who are operating more in the Pro Dev space, the Professional Developer Conference (PDC) is an awesome forward-looking conference that lays out some of today’s technologies, but focuses mostly on what’s coming in the near- and far-term. PDC is run out of my group (DPE, which stands for Developer and Platform Evangelism) and planning is in full swing as we close in!

For those of you that have been following this blog, as this conference season starts I’ll be starting to turn my attention to the new Office and SharePoint 2010 features that you can use for your development efforts.

Some things to look out for are new developer content that will be published out to Channel 9: I can’t say much more than it’s going to be great content that you’ll definitely want to dig into.

More to come soon, but pack your bags and get ready for the conference/launch season is almost upon us!

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