SharePoint 2010 Developer Sneak Peek

Today, MS published a sneak peek for SharePoint 2010, which you can find more information about here: You can click on the either of the Sneak Peek videos to see what Tom, Richard and Paul have to say. You’ll want to check out the live WPC videos on, as key executives talk about some of the new wave of technologies (e.g. Office 2010 Technical Preview was just announced by Stephen Elop).

Paul Andrew, Product Manager from the SharePoint group, provides an introduction to some of the cool new features of SharePoint 2010. Specifically, he discussed six key new features:

  • Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint tools
  • Language Integrated Query to SharePoint
  • Developer Dashboard
  • Business Connectivity Services
  • Client Object Model
  • Silverlight Web Part

My personal favorite, as you might imagine given the flavor of some of the posts in my blog, is the combination of Client Object Model and Silverlight—this will be huge. You can see some of the code that Paul demos in the screenshot below from his Sneak Peek video below:


You can check out the Sneak Peek video for the SharePoint 2010 Developer and get access to a bunch more SharePoint 2010 screenshots at the following URL:

All in all, this Sneak Peek shows that SharePoint 2010 is going to be huge, and there are some great features in the pipeline. To get a feel for when you’ll see more on SharePoint 2010, be sure to sign up for the SharePoint Conference (SPC) in October: When you register, be sure to sign up for the 1-day SharePoint 2010 (post-conference) Developer deep dive. It’s a 1-day deep dive that I’ve scheduled for you with Andrew Connell and Ted Pattison! This is a great opportunity to get a download of the key developer features that you’ll need to know by two of the industry’s top SharePoint experts.

As we get closer to SPC, you’ll see more from me on this blog on the Office and SharePoint 2010 developer experience.


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