Silverlight and SharePoint Made Real…

I’ve written and talked about this convergence of technology quite a bit, and I’m pumped to see a lot of companies are starting to pick this up and run with it in interesting ways. A buddy of mine, Martin Harwar, has integrated Silverlight and SharePoint into a couple of cool products so to provide some visibility into the product (and also what is possible to do with this integrated set of technologies), I’ve pasted in a few screenshots of the learning tool in action as well as some online demos you can check out. Martin’s created a couple of products, but a quick explanation of a couple of them:

1. LearningPoint for SharePoint is an LMS (similar concept to the SLK, but built in Silverlight and with the ability for orgs to create their own e-learning in a really efficient, quick way).


2. MediaPoint for SharePoint is a simple video/graphic player built in Silverlight that consumes images and videos from a SharePoint library. [This product is free.]


For the LearningPoint product, a wizard takes you through the process of creating a new learning object.





After you create the learning object, you can then add videos, text files, etc.


You can then create a structure for the learning.


Once you’ve created your learning with LearningPoint, you can play training videos, read documents, and so on, which are tied into the learning structure.

It’s great to see this type of integration in the market…you’re definitely going to see more of this.


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  1. Paul Stubbs says:

    SharePoint is a great collaboration platform for training and online courses. Steve Fox posts a great

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