SharePoint Solution using BCS: Part II

In my initial post on this, I created a read-only application that used a Web service. The original post provided a step-by-step walkthrough of how to use the VS 2010 BDC Metadata model template and integrate it with Web services. In this post, I’ll add a couple of things to complement the original post:…


Sharepoint 2010 development using bcs

One of the big features for SharePoint 2010 (and for building OBAs) is the Business Connectivity Services (BCS). I’ve written a few posts on this, but wanted to follow up on these early posts with some additional detail on how to create a solution leveraging web services. I see many customers trying to tie together…


Sharepoint 2010 and office 2010 Beta developer kits RTW

Just a quick note to let you all know that you can now download a full SharePoint and Office 2010 Developer Kit to get ramped up on how to develop for either of these platforms. They are both aimed at the Beta release and include videos online at Channel 9 (on the new Learning Center),…


Adding images to the sharepoint 2010 hive

I’ve had this question a few times, so I thought I’d post a super-quick blog entry on it. The question is: how do I get images into SharePoint and then leverage them in my Visual Web Part that I’m building in VS 2010? The answer is twofold: 1. Put them somewhere; and 2. Insert them…


get trained with Sharepoint 2010 and office 2010 videos

One of the charters of my team is to make sure that we provide collateral for developers to get up and running with a program called Metro—an early adoption program for ISVs (to sign up for Metro or get more information, you can email Part of this program is creating things like training videos,…


Tweeting from SharePoint 2010 Visual Web Part

I’m still trying to get into the whole Tweet thing, so in an attempt to dig into it a little I took a look at the API and found out it’s pretty functional. My version of a Hello World app was having the ability to call the REST Twitter API to update my status on …


Business connectivity services at pdc

Yesterday, I presented a session on BCS and walked through an end-to-end example. I showed service connection to a data source, created an external content type with both SPD 2010 and VS 2010, showed interactivity with the external list through the new BCS API and the new Client Object Model, and then tied things together…


office and sharepoint 2010 at pdc 2009

It’s been long awaited, but Office and SharePoint 2010 Beta 2 was finally announced today at the PDC keynote. What was announced was the general, public availability of Office and SharePoint so anybody can go and download the bits and get started—for MSDN subscribers the bits were released on Monday. This is super-exciting because we’ve…


SP Connections Decks

This week I was at SharePoint Connections in Vegas and ran through a few sessions on SharePoint Development. I’ve posted the decks here: I will post the code and some additional commentary that I showed in the coming days before the end of the week. Steve


VSLive Virtual SharePoint 2010 Conference

I participated in a virtual conference this week that was all about SharePoint 2010. I presented a couple of sessions, one on a Developer Roadmap and the other on the Developer Tools. I posted the decks here: I’m cleaning up some of the code and will post before the Beta 2 becomes available. Cheers,…