Storage and Analysis Platform Matrix

It’s been a long time since I haven’t blogged. In the meanwhile, I was quite busy working on different customer projects and writing ”Découvrir DevOps”. As said Patrick Debois about it, "This book brings devops from multiple viewpoints: everyone participating in the delivery chain has their view on reality. Reframing mutual problems through the lens of others help you gain the understanding and a more global view on the problem space. The journey from decision to delivery in production is taken as a guiding story reflecting the usual inner devops journey in companies. At the same time the book balances between technology and process to show the symbiotic relation exists between them. Both don't exist in a vacuum and will influence eachother. Bringing down technical and organizational silos are crucial to the change of mindset. Time to read!"

But today, I will not blog about DevOps. This article is the extension of my previous Microsoft Cloud Data Platform post. I would like to share a comparison matrix built with my friend Benjamin Guinebertière on the multiple ways of envisioning a Storage and Analysis Platform with Microsoft Azure Services, depending on several criteria : programming model, batch vs realtime, provisioning duration, pricing, reversibility, scaling, stop/start option, proprietary vs Open Source…


I hope you will find this matrix useful. Please do not hesitate to comment this attempt of comparison so I could update and enhance this table.

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