Cours DevelopMentor au MTC Paris

Un cours avancé de DevelopMentor sur Silverlight 2  se déroulera prochainement au MTC Paris (14-17 avril 2009)
Voici le détails de ce cours :

  • Identify when and where Silverlight should be used

  • Use Expression Blend to design your user interface

  • Use Visual Studio 2008 to build a Silverlight project and manage its code using C#

  • Exploit the layout controls to create compelling user interfaces

  • Incorporate Silverlight content into your existing web sites

  • Build user and custom controls that support templates and styling

  • Integrate animations, special effects, and all forms of media to create a professional UI

  • Build dynamic user interfaces that use data binding

  • Use all the available network stacks to load external data and resources

  • Handle mouse, keyboard, and stylus input

  • Store data locally and reload it when the application runs again

  • Keep your applications responsive to user input while running background tasks

  • Debug your Silverlight applications and maximize their performance

Les inscriptions sont ouvertes sur le site Web DevelopMentor.  Ce lien précise le calendrier, les détails des cours, et le prix de cette formation

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