Wrapped PST and Indexing

One of the things we’ve seen with Outlook 2013 is that Wrapped PSTs that never used to be indexed by Outlook are indexed now. This can be great if you’ve got a store which can deal with being crawled, but what if your store can’t handle it? The PST provider on which the Wrapped PST…

Wrapped PST Sample Updated for Outlook 2013

I’ve just checked in a fix for the Wrapped PST sample that should allow it to work with Outlook 2013. Let me know if you find any problems with the sample. I haven’t tested the other samples yet as they don’t appear to get as much attention as the wrapped PST. Enjoy!


Putting a Path in MAPISVC.INF

As you know, when you install a new provider on a system, you have to update MAPISVC.INF to point it to the new provider. There are a few standard properties set during this configuration which tell MAPI where to find your DLL. One is PR_SERVICE_DLL_NAME, set in the Message Service section, and the other is…


The Wrapped PST and Unicode Paths

A customer just raised this issue with our Wrapped PST provider sample. They were trying to retrofit the sample to use Unicode paths to the NST and found that the CreateStoreEntryID routine was producing an invalid entry ID after they changed to to use a Unicode path. Through experimentation, they were able to produce a valid…


Missing Replication State Machine Constant

On this page, talking about the Upload Folder State, we have a note which references the constant UPS_ONE_FOLDER. This constant is not defined in our list of MAPI Constants or in a header file. This is an oversight. Here’s the definition for this constant: #define UPS_ONE_FOLDER 0x00000004 That is all.


Outlook 2003 Also Rules

A little follow-up to the Outlook Rules post, concerning getting rules to fire when you’ve got a wrapped PST store. I had noted in the original post that rules “just worked” in Outlook 2003. Turns out I was partially right. They can work in Outlook 2003, but you have to do something a little special…


The Microsoft Office Outlook Connector Kills Winsock

It’s true. Kills it. Kills it dead. Ok – maybe that’s a bit strong. Here’s the issue. If you installed the Microsoft Office Outlook Connector, then ran an application (other than Outlook) which uses both MAPI and Winsock, the Winsock portion of your application is likely to find its connections torn down when you’re done…


Fast Shutdown and the Wrapped PST

The PST provider in Outlook 2007 supports Fast Shutdown. The Wrapped PST sample is built by wrapping objects from the PST provider. Ergo, if a provider built on the Wrapped PST model does not intercept queries for IID_IMAPIClientShutdown, it supports Fast Shutdown. In other words, if your Wrapped PST based provider has problems with Fast…


MrXP Rules (At Least When You Tell It To)

I’m repeating myself – I did use a variation on this title before. In this case, suppose you’re using a custom transport provider, like MrXP, and you’re delivering to a regular (not wrapped) PST. In Outlook 2003, this worked great. If you had rules set up, they all got fired on delivery. In Outlook 2007…

I Did Read Your Message

On my article about enabling rules in the Wrapped PST, Richard pointed out that when you do this, read receipts stop working. We’ve investigated this and found that there’s something a little extra you have to do to get read receipts to fire. Remember that we’re using ITEMPROC_FORCE to push the messages through the Item…