ProfileProp – Examine Profile Properties

I’ve had some requests lately to write a MAPI sample that shows how to access profile properties programmatically, so I threw this together from some bits and pieces of code I had laying around. I had the chance to incorporate a few cool features in this code: MultiEx: It loops over the profile services looking…


Message Header Analyzer’s Manifest

For those of you who know what to do with this, here’s the manifest for Message Header Analyzer: For the rest, I’ll put some instructions together later. Enjoy!


Automated Dump Collection Using Procdump

I thought I’d share a script I’ve been using on some recent cases to generate memory dump files on multiple machines for intermittent crashes. The scenario this script targets is that you have a process, say Outlook.exe, which is crashing for a number of users, but you haven’t yet narrowed down a repro scenario. You’d…


Outlook 2013 Click To Run and COM Interfaces

In this article I’ll go over the current state of Outlook 2013 Click To Run (C2R)and support for various programmatic interfaces. Please comment on any areas I’ve missed and I’ll update the article accordingly. With Outlook 2013, we enabled something we had never supported before, side by side (SxS)  installation with other versions of Outlook….


Prefix Searching the PST

Here’s a neat trick: Load a PST into Outlook and pick a folder with some messages in it Go to Advance Find -> Advanced -> Field -> All mail Fields –> From Select condition”’word starts with”. Enter the last part of an e-mail address of a sender of a message in your folder. Click on…


Custom Icons and Table View

A couple of customers recently reported this interesting issue with Outlook views and custom form icons: Publish a custom form in Outlook and chosen to give it an icon. There doesn’t need to be anything special about the form. In fact, the default custom form icon will reproduce this issue. Configure a folder with the…


Wrapped PST and Indexing

One of the things we’ve seen with Outlook 2013 is that Wrapped PSTs that never used to be indexed by Outlook are indexed now. This can be great if you’ve got a store which can deal with being crawled, but what if your store can’t handle it? The PST provider on which the Wrapped PST…


Indexed Search With MAPI and Exchange

In Outlook 2013, we took a change to improve how we build search folders when searching against Exchange 2010 and higher for text we’d expect to find in commonly indexed fields. Prior to this change, we’d build a search folder restriction that looks like this: PR_SUBJECT contains ‘text’ || PR_BODY contains ‘text’ || PR_SENDER_NAME contains…


MAPI Provider Sorting

Outlook likes to sort folders alphabetically. When Outlook 2010 came out, some of our custom store provider developers came to us and asked that Outlook not sort the folders they returned. So we gave them a way to advertise to Outlook that the order they returned is the order Outlook should use. However, we didn’t…


Help Us Track Down A Missing Property

Some of you may have seen this: The title of the KB is “”Could not complete the operation. One or more parameter values are not valid” error message when an organizer updates a recurring meeting” and it concerns an issue where we find PR_SENT_REPRESENTING_NAME to be missing on various calendar entries, which in turn…